Decatur Housing Authority, 750 Commerce Drive Suite 110, Decatur GA 30030
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Authority of
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Decatur, GA

The Authority built 325 Swanton Way office building to house its offices for the Decatur-DeKalb Housing Authority. We added on to it for our expansion and then in 2004 we sold it when we bought and both authorities moved into 750. Later it was sold to the current owner who extensively renovated it and subsequently added on to it. Initially it was over 19,000 sq. ft and when we added on it went up to about 22,500 sq. ft.  The Authority owned some of the land (from urban renewal) and reacquired some of it ( the parking area in the back) from MARTA. Originally part of it was in GW when MARTA bought it for the MARTA line.

325 Swanton Way - Office Building: