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Public Housing is a service available to needy individuals and families that provides assisted housing in an effort to help those recipients to become financially independent.

The Housing Authority of the City of Decatur owns and operates  public housing units in a great downtown location.  There are  98 units in Swanton Heights and 191 units in Allen Wilson (80 of which are located in the Oliver House Building). This housing has helped the City of Decatur meet its commitment to families of limited financial means.  Allen Wilson Terrace started serving families in 1941 and Swanton Heights was first occupied in 1970.  Thousands of families have benefited from these housing resources since 1941 when Allen Wilson was first occupied.  Judge Clarence Cooper and former State Representative George Maddox are just two of the successful products of Decatur's public housing.



The Housing Authority consistently maintains its commitment to upgrading its properties through the installation of air conditioning systems, upgrading stairwells, repairing and replacing sidewalks and many other projects.  Efforts to better meet the current profile of families needing public housing are being undertaken, including reconfiguring units to the most needed sizes.


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Phase 1 Allen Wilson

Allen Wilson and Swanton Heights

Phase 2 - Oliver House

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Public Housing &

Trinity Walk

Decatur Housing Authority is not taking applications for Public Housing and Trinity Walk properties at this time.

Elderly Building

Decatur Housing Authority is currently not accepting applications for persons over the age of 62 for our elderly building.

Phase 3 Allen Wilson