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Portability allows an eligible family that has been issued a Housing Choice Voucher to lease a unit anywhere in the United States where there is a housing agency operating a Housing Choice Voucher program.  Families are encouraged to move to neighborhood's with lower poverty and minority concentrations and nearby job opportunities.


Decatur Housing Authority’s jurisdiction is DeKalb County excluding the city limits of Lithonia and excluding the city limits of Atlanta. (Portions of the City of Atlanta and all of the City of Lithonia are located in DeKalb County. DHA does not serve these areas.)


If you are interested in moving into the jurisdiction of the Decatur Housing Authority, and you are currently a voucher participant, please read the following information:


Decatur Housing Authority is not absorbing.  


We will be billing your home agency.  Also, if you have already located a unit in our jurisdiction, please review the Payment Standards and Occupancy Standards for our agency which may be different than the housing authority you are currently with. Our occupancy standards are:


One bedroom for the Head of Household

One bedroom for every two members regardless of age or sex

(This means your son and daughter might share a bedroom if

 that is how you decide to assign the bedrooms)


All incoming portability documentation for participants who are porting into our jurisdiction is to be faxed or mailed to:

Decatur Housing Authority

750 Commerce Drive Suite 400

Decatur GA  30030


Email us at: [email protected]    Fax us at:  404-835-4471


Portability Information:

Contact Person:    Carrie Hayes   

Direct Phone:        404-270-2113


Decatur Housing Authority requires incoming vouchers to have a minimum of 45 days remaining before they expire, and have the initial housing authority be willing to offer an extension to both the voucher and the billing deadline if it is requested.

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Portability FAQs 1-4-2021.pdf

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Port Out Form  (REVISED)


Request to port back to Initial Housing Authority  (NEW)