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The Housing Authority of the City of Decatur, Georgia’s (DHA) Housing Choice Voucher program (Section 8) waiting list was open between October 26-October 30, 2020.  


Completing and submitting an electronic application did not guarantee placement on the waiting list. DHA used an outside agency to conduct random lottery selections for placement on the waiting list from all applications received. A maximum of 4,000 applicants were selected for placement on the actual waiting list. All other applications were discarded.  

No eligibility documents are required at this time. You are not required to notify DHA of changes to your household at this time. Eligibility and Waiting List Preferences will be verified when the applicant is being considered for housing. Failure to provide the necessary documentation of a preference will mean that you are not eligible for a preference on the waiting list.  


Household members will be verified when the applicant is being considered for housing.


If you are selected for the waiting list, please remember that you must notify DHA in writing of a change in your email address and mailing address if you change it after your application date.  Your mailing address is used to contact you at the time of selection from the waiting list. You may be removed from the waiting list if you fail to respond.


Waiting List Closing Website Notice Update 2-10-2021.pdf

Click on PDF for printable version of rules on left.


Frequently asked questions




The confirmation numbers of applicants selected for the waiting list are posted on DHA’s website, .


If your confirmation number does not appear on DHA’s website, you were not selected for the waiting list. No telephone or email confirmations will be given and no in person confirmations will be given at the DHA office.  

Applicants selected for the waiting list may call the Waiting List Line,

404-270-2116, and follow the prompts to verify their position on the waiting list.


If you were not selected for the waiting list, your social security number will not be found and there will be no record of you when you call the Waiting List Line.


If you were selected for the waiting list and your contact information changed after your application date, submit your new contact information in writing to [email protected] or


mail your new contact information to

Decatur Housing Authority

750 Commerce Drive Suite 400

Decatur, GA  30030


No changes in contact information will be accepted by phone.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

2020 Lottery

Selected Confirmation Numbers