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Accounts Payable PO’s

Procurements Contracts

Architect and Engineering
  1. RFP Document
  2. Attachment A - Form Proposal
  3. Attachment  B - Profile of Firm Form
  4. Attachment C - Section 3 Business Self-Certification Form
  5. Attachment C-1 Section 3 Information Sheet
  6. Attachment D - ITPC
  7. Attachment E - Standard Form 330
  8. Attachment  F - E-Verify Compliance Information
  9. Attachment F-1 - E-Verify Affidavit
  10. Attachment  G - Company Hiring Policy
  11. Attachment H - Contractor’s Certification Concerning EEO
  12. Attachment  I - Form of Non-Collusive Affidavit
  13. Attachment  J - Initial Design Project for Select ed Firm


These documents are PDF’s.  You will require the free Adobe Reader to view them.  Click this link to download the Adobe Reader from the trusted site.

  1. Addendum 1
  2. Addendum 2
  3. Addendum 3

Thank you for your interest in this RFP Contract with Decatur Housing Authority.

Below are the documents that are required to bid for this job.