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Authority of
the City of 
Decatur, GA

The Decatur Housing Authority is a member of National Housing Compliance (NHC) which consists of ten (10) Housing Authorities in Georgia and the Georgia Department of  Community Affairs.  NHC has been under contract since August 2000 to HUD to be the Contract Administrator for 24,654 units of privately owned Section 8 Housing in the State of Georgia and since September 2004 it also performs that role for 37,013 units in the State of Illinois.  These two (2) contracts were awarded in a competitive selection process conducted by HUD.


    In Addition, for its role as a member of the organization and the Authority's Executive Director service as the 1st Chair of NHC as its was organized and began operations, the Authority also performs as a Field Office for NHC performing oversight, doing management and occupancy reviews, and other tasks for 2,699 units in five (5) metro Atlanta Counties.


    Through NHC the members help to insure the sound operations of a large assisted housing stock for the benefit of those receiving assistance and their communities.  NHC has received the highest marks possible throughout its operational history.


For more information about National Housing Compliance visit their website at: