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Below is a quick link to all the forms located within our website:

We are currently not taking applications at this time

Application for waiting list:

To view the form you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Download the most recent version for free by clicking on the image below.  Note:  A new web browser window will open when you click the link.  To return to this page after downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader, close the new web browser window.

Application for Contractors to be on Bidders List:


Housing Choice Voucher Landlords:

Bidders List Application

Application for Employment

Registering Property Information (REVISED)

Register Property Packet

Business Checklist

Owner Information Form  (REVISED)

Mortgage Statement

Direct Deposit (REVISED)

Change Information form

W9 Form

Rent Increase Notice (REVISED)

Zip Code Listing

Payment Standards Notice to Owners

Payment Standards Information Page


Rights Under Fair Credit Reporting Act

Housing Choice Voucher Tenants:

Employment Verification (REVISED)

Verfication of Childcare Expences (REVISED)

Request for Tenancy Approval Instructions (REVISED)

Verification of Self-Employment Income (REVISED)

60 Day Notice to Vacate (REVISED)

Request for a change in the notice to vacate (REVISED)

Verification of Financial Contributions (REVISED)

Verification of Veterans Benefits (REVISED)

Certification of Seperation from Spouse (REVISED)

Live-In Aide Agreement (REVISED)

Request to Reissue RFTA (REVISED)

Student Status Verification (REVISED)

Move-Out Extension Process and HAP contract Effective Dates