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What number am I on the waiting list?

Please call (404) 270-2116 and follow the instructions

Why does my number move up and down on the waiting list?

The waiting list is based on two factors.  The time and date of your original application and preference codes.  If a persons preference code changes then their place on the waiting list will also change, which will cause other people's number to change on the waiting list.

When will I be getting an apartment?

DHA cannot tell you the exact time nor date when you will be able to interview for an apartment.  DHA on has a certain number of units available and it will all depend when people move out of the units.  Once a unit is vacated the DHA will start processing applications from the waiting list.  Usually ten at a time unless it is for the 4 and 5 bedrooms then it will be 5 applications at a time.  We will continue to pull applications until we find a person who qualifies for the unit.

What are the qualifications?

Some of the factors to be considered in the screening are:


   Criminal Records

   Credit Records

   Rent Paying Habits

   Prior History as a tenant

   Housekeeping habits


and all other aspects of applicant's ability to maintain the required responsibilities of tenancy.

How can I obtain an application?

We are currently not accepting applications at this time.  When we are you will be able to print it out from our forms page, but we will not accept an application via email or fax.  You will either have to bring it in or mail it to:

Decatur Housing Authority

750 Commerce Drive Suite 110

Decatur GA  30030


You will also able to pick up an application that the same address.

Do I need to get in contact with you if my information changes?

It is the responsibility of the Applicant(s) to immediately notify the Occupancy Unit, in writing, if any of the following changes occur after the Housing Authority has received the



   Changes in address and/or telephone number

   Any addition to or removal of a member of your household.

   Any change in the source of family income. (Employment, SSI etc.)


Are you accepting any applications for the Section 8, Voucher Choice Program?

No, DHA is not accepting applications at this time.  When the waiting list opens for Section 8 there will be an announcement in the newspaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 8 Waiting List

Decatur Housing Authority is NOT taking applications for the Section 8 Waiting list at this time.

Public Housing & Gateway

Decatur Housing Authority will not be accepting applications for Public Housing and Gateway properties temporarily.

Elderly Building

Decatur Housing Authority is currently not accepting applications for persons over the age of 62 for our elderly building.