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The Section 8 - Authority Owned program, enables families and individuals to afford housing which would otherwise be financially out of reach.  These families, because of income, were previously limited in their housing choices.  Today, those are greater than any time in the past.

DHA and the residents of the former Gateway Community are excited to announce that the revitalization of the community into the new Trinity Walk is underway!  Construction began in June of 2015.  DHA and the residents formed a unique revitalization strategy to address this complex effort.  


Gateway is a Section 8 Substantial Rehabilitation Project of 112 units.  It is comprised of two distinct and separate sites located approximately 1.14 miles apart.  Gateway Manor is 88 units total with 87 subsidized units and one conventional rental located in downtown Decatur.  Oakview is 24 units located in Oakhurst in South Decatur.   


At approximately 50 years of age, the current units were physically and functionally obsolete.  The kitchens are inadequate, bathrooms need to be updated, building systems are deteriorating, and the building envelopes need significant repair.  Significant energy efficiency enhancements are needed.  In addition, the dwelling units and site lack the modern amenities required for families.  While the communities remained fully occupied, DHA continues to invest heavily in required unit repairs just to keep up the property.  Newly designed housing and an integrated on-site amenity package were needed to address the needs of the families and preserve the affordability of the units for the long term.     


In the revitalization effort for Gateway and Oakview, DHA and the residents established the following goals:

· Replace Gateway and Oakview with vibrant new construction housing

· Maintain affordability for the 111 units under the federal Section 8 housing subsidy

· Minimize relocation requirements

o Allow some families with children in Decatur Schools to remain on site

o Allow some families to move into other DHA Housing within Decatur

o Allow seniors and disabled families from Oakview to move directly into the new housing at Trinity Walk instead of requiring them to relocate

o Enable relocated children to continue in CSD Schools

· Develop amenities on-site that serve families’ needs

· Create one consolidated community that is sustainable, energy efficient, and meets quality urban design principles

Section 8 - Authority Owned
Oakview and Gateway Apartment Revitalization

Oakview Apartments

Gateway Apartments

Trinity Walk Apartments

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